Refine Medical Aesthetics


Practitioner: Aysher & Debbie

We are both NHS Clinical Nurse Specialists with over 35 years’ professional experience. We have undertaken extensive specialist training in safe medical aesthetic treatments such as wrinkle reducing injections, dermal fillers and smile enhancement. We are fully registered with the RCN, NMC, and BACN. Our clinical practice adheres to the NMC Code of Practice at all times. REFINE is insured with the leading cosmetic insurance company Hamilton Fraser. We only ever use products of the highest quality from world leading manufacturers with a proven history of research based product development and established safety records.

Qualification Level

Skin Rejuvenation:0/3


About the clinic

At REFINE we endeavour to provide a friendly, caring and professional service for both women and men who are looking to reduce the effects of natural ageing without resorting to surgery. As part of our service we offer a free, no obligation, and impartial consultation/assessment prior to any treatment you may wish to undertake. Our treatments and aftercare are carried out in accordance with the highest industry standards. We understand that you are placing your trust in us and we believe in restoring, defining and enhancing your natural beauty & looks with a ‘less is more’ ethical approach. We appreciate that treatments are most effective when realistic expectations are combined with clever artistry and aim to provide you with a natural and pleasing result with soft and even corrections. If you want to keep others guessing, you can, our service is strictly private and confidential. Patients must be over 18.



Treatments available

  • Botox and Fillers
  • Botox injections
  • Dermal Fillers
Refine Medical Aesthetics, We are based in Timperley, Altrincham. But will cover South Manchester and Cheshire also.
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