Botox Injections

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No more lines. No more worries.

We all know aging is a certainty of life but thanks to anti-wrinkle botox injections we no longer have to show it. With this treatment you can turn back the years in as little as half an hour.

Anti aging treatment with botox injections

This treatment involves the injection of a small quantity of botulinum toxin A commonly known as botox, directly into the muscle that causes lines on the face. It works by temporarily causing the muscles to relax and as a result your wrinkles become smoother and less pronounced. This treatment is simple yet effective with minimal swelling or redness and has a proven track record for success.

What can botox injections be used for?

This treatment is mostly used for anti aging purposes and is an excellent way to achieve a younger look throughout all areas of the face, without the risk and expense that traditional plastic surgery incurs.

This treatment is most commonly used in your upper face area to:

  • Reduce the appearance of crow’s feet
  • Decrease the frown lines and those around the bridge of the nose
  • Create a brow lift without the need for surgery

More advanced treatments using botox injections focus on your lower face and neck. This includes:

  • Reducing lines and wrinkles around the mouth
  • Creating a smooth, evenly shaped chin
  • Improving jowl definition

Botox side effects

Side effects, if they occur, are usually temporary and mild to moderate and may include:

  • slight bruising around the injection sites
  • temporary headache
  • excessive watering of the eye

The treatment

The treatment itself can take as little as 30 minutes and the smoothing effects of the first treatment typically last for 3-6 months. It is necessary for you to return for regular treatments every 3 months during the first year of having the botox  injections to obtain optimum results.