Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

The natural approach to rejuvenating your skin

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The Vampire facelift also known as platelet rich plasma therapy uses your own blood to rejuvenate and regenerate the skin. A brightening skin treatment which can be used to turn back the years or to just give you a fresh look for those important events.

What is the Vampire Facelift?

The vampire facelift uses your own blood platelets and growth factors to regenerate the skin; a method used for years in sports injuries and orthopaedics and in the past few years to promote collagen growth. This production of collagen growth is vital for younger looking skin. The treatment begins with the taking of blood from your am much like a blood test at the doctors. This blood is then spun in a centrifuge machine to separate the platelet-rich (good) plasma from the platelet-poor plasma. This platelet-rich plasma has a large number of growth factors that stimulate the collagen. It is this platelet-rich plasma that is injected into the face using techniques similar to that of anti-wrinkle injections or dermal fillers.

Will the treatment hurt?

Most patients describe the treatment as comfortable with slight stinging sensations around the injection sites. Your face will be covered with local anaesthetic cream to numb the face prior to the treatment to minimise any pain.

What will I look like afterwards?

All the practitioners that are part of The National Cosmetic Network have been expertly trained in this technique and all have been taught using very fine needles which will reduce the amount of pain during the treatment and minimise bleeding post treatment. This also means that the likelihood of bruising is greatly diminished. However, a number of patients do find that they get some swelling of the face so you are likely to have downtime of about 24-48 hours.

So what are the benefits?

The benefits differ depending on your age however you can expect to see a reduction in fines lines and wrinkles, a brighter complexion and it has also been known to enhance hair growth along the lash line.