Thread Vein Removal

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Say Goodbye to Visible Veins…

Veins are a natural part of our body, but when they are visible this feels anything but natural. So don’t suffer any longer, with this simple and pain-free thread vein removal treatment you can say goodbye to visible veins.

What are leg thread veins?

Thread veins on legs, commonly known as spider veins are thin dark red/blue veins. They are usually found on the back of the upper and lower leg and are much smaller than varicose veins.

Leg thread vein removal

Thread vein removal or microsclerotherapy is a safe and effective solution to those suffering from thread veins on any part of the leg. It involves the injection of a solution into the blood vessels and veins so that their visibility subsides or even vanishes. This is the best way of eradicating visible spider veins on the legs to give a smooth appearance. It is vital that you have an initial consultation with your practitioner to discuss your symptoms. They will then determine possible causes for your thread veins. By doing this, the practitioner can prevent the veins from reappearing after your treatment to reduce the number of repeat procedures required. The aim is to prevent, not just treat.

The treatment

The thread vein removal treatment can take as little as a matter of minutes but this depends on the severity of your thread veins. In some cases, only one treatment is needed to remove the thread veins permanently. However, some people may need several sessions to obtain optimum results. Following the treatment you are required to wear compression stockings for approximately 1 week.

Varicose vein treatment

Please note if you believe you also suffer from varicose veins then you will have to get these veins removed before getting your thread veins treated. For varicose vein removal please visit your GP where you will be referred to a vascular surgeon.